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Shipping perishable goods across the world.

Transship is na automated freight forwarding platform.

Transship - Automated Freight Forwarding

Shipping product overseas is a frustrating, time consuming and costly experience. 

Transship provides you with an automated platform which has everything you need in order to handle your transatlantic logistic needs. 

The platform covers a wide range of functions on dry land and sea. As a result, our customers need only communicate with Transship for all of their logistic needs.

By implementing automation, Transship will change the way such shipments are handled and processed. We have agreements in place with the major suppliers in the shipping industry. Therefore, you will be assured the best pricing from the most reliable sources.


Global Shipping Made Easier

Automated freight forwarding will simplify your life. You will realize immediate savings, improved efficiency as well as tracking of each and every shipment. 

  • No need to wait for someone to answer: 
  • All our strategic partners and providers are linked directly to the platform through API’s, which means everything is handled instantaneously. 
  • Easy access to documents: 
  • Our use of Blockchain technology makes sure all your transport related documents are safe and kept in one place. Only parties that you authorize are able to access the documents that are relevant to them. NO MORE FAXING !!!
  • Transparency and Visibility: 
  • Real time tracking of every shipment including GPS and temperature and humidity inside the reefer container as requested.. 

Advantages Of Working With Transship Rather Than Traditional Freight Forwarders

The increased reliance on technology and automatization within the logistic industry,  makes it even more important to have a partner that focuses and specializes on both automation and technology. Teaming up with Transship will assure that you are ahead of your competition.

Making your logistic supply chain digital instead of manual will reduce costs, improve efficiency and introduce transparency.

What takes traditional freight forwarders hours if not days to process, Transship, can do in as little as 5-10 minutes while providing instant quotes.

Your bottom line will love Transship !!

Export Essentials

When exporting perishable goods, each and every country has unique requirements. Below is a link to the FSIS web site that has each country's requirements. A very helpful tool for experienced as well as inexperienced exporters

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